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Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code

Play Online Ludo Game On Ludo Supreme Gold Earn Free PayTM Cash

Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code , Ludo Supreme Gold Refer Earn Free PayTM Cash, Ludo Supreme Gold Apk App Download – Hello Coolz Readers!! Recently we have posted Owlizz Pro Refer Earn Free PayTM Cash where you can refer your friends and earn free paytm cash by playing online games and quiz.

It’s a lock down time and many people are playing ludo game. but that kind of ludo game will not able to give you money. Here i am back with a new app named Ludo Supreme Gold App where you can earn Free PayTM Cash by Playing LUDO Game.

Ludo Supreme Apk App Download

Play with your friends or compete against millions of verified players. A Ludo experience like never before! Ludo Supreme is Best ludo app ever to earn ludo while you play. So without wasting a time sign up on Ludo Supreme using Ludo Supreme Referral Code Get Rs.15 Sign Up Bonus to play games.

Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code & Offer :

Ludo Supreme Gold App Referral Details
Ludo Supreme Gold Referral Code MUWZS95
Download Link Click Here
Signup Bonus ₹10
Extra Bonus ₹5 – Use WIN5 Code
Referral Bonus ₹5

Ludo Supreme Gold App Referral Code – How To Earn ₹35 PayTM Cash Easily

Steps To Get Instant ₹5 Free In PayTM Wallet:-

1. First of All Download Ludo Supreme App Apk From Given Link Here. :

** Close All Tabs In Google Chrome , Copy This Download Link & paste & Then Download Will Start

2. Open Ludo Supreme App and Sign Up Using Google Account.

3. Open Dashboard and Go to Setting Option from above Corner.

Ludo Supreme Apk App Download

4. Tap on Ludo Supreme Refer & Earn Button.

5. Tap on Ludo Supreme Redeem a Ludo Supreme Referral Code Button.

6. Enter Given Ludo Supreme Gold App Referral Code to Get Rs.10 Sign Up Bonus Instantly.

Ludo Supreme App Referral Code isMUWZS95

Ludo Supreme Referral Code

7. You will get Rs.10 Sign Up bonus which is 100% usable on any game.

Now Here Are Steps To Instant ₹5 In PayTM

8. Now Go to Wallet Again and Tap on Add Money Option and Add Rs.5 in Wallet. and Apply Promo code : WIN5 & Pay Using PayTM

10. You will Get Free Rs.5 in Winning which is fully withdrawable and Rs.5 in Deposit.

–> There is No Minimum Withdrawal For 1st Time, So You Can Redeem This Extra ₹5 Instantly In PayTM Wallet 

Earn Extra :-

11. Get back to dashboard and Play Ludo Game Online. You can play ₹5 games where 3 out of 4 players win or ₹5 Games where 3 out of 4 win. Don’t play games costing more than 15 rupees (chances of losing money increase then)

12. Refer your Friends and Get Rs.5 Wallet Per Refer When He/She Apply WIN5 in Ludo Supreme Wallet.

13. Minimum Redeem in PayTM Wallet is Just Rs.5 For The 1st Time & ₹25 For Second Time.

Ludo Supreme App Referral PayTM Payment Proof :

Ludo Supreme PayTM Payment Proof

Ludo Supreme Gold App – Features 

Tournaments 24/7 – Play games & win cash prizes throughout the day.

Play with Friends – Challenge your friends and be a winner!

Play Random – Play with random opponents online.

Quickest Ludo – Play our thrilling 10 minute format

Refer and Earn – Invite your friends and family to play Ludo Supreme and win cash.

Quickest Payouts – Cash out money into your Paytm account instantly!

Ludo Supreme Gold App – Points System & How To Play

  • Each Player will be given 4 tokens.
  • All the tokens are initially in the open position. A Player can roll the dice and start moving his tokens.
  • Time of registration shall be reckoned for deciding the turns of the Player, such that the first player to register for a game, will be given the first turn to roll the dice, and so on.
  • The Player with the maximum score is the winner at the end of the Game.

The Players are scored in the following manner:

  • Each movement of the token per box from the starting point will be calculated as one point.
  • Players score is calculated by adding the points of all the tokens of the Player.
  • When a token reaches home, its score will be doubled.
  • Each Player will have 15 seconds for his turn. If the Player doesn’t move in this window, his turn will be skipped. If a Player skips his turn for 3 times, he will lose the Game and will be removed.
  • All Players will get an equal number of turns to roll the dice, even if a Player wins the first rank (thus ending he game) or if the stipulated time for a game ends, by extending the game appropriately. In such case, each Player who receives a turn on account of such extension must play within 15 seconds of the start of his turn, failing which, such player will skip his turn.
  • A Players token can be ousted from the game and sent back to the point, if another Players token moves to the same box where the former Players token is placed.
  • There are 8 safe boxes in the game where a token cannot be ousted. These cells are marked with a star.

Players are entitled to an extra chance i.e. extra roll of dice in the following cases:

  • When a Player rolls a six on the dice.
  • When a Player ousts another Players token.
  • When a Players token reaches home.

If a Player rolls a six on the dice three times in a row, the extra chance will not be given after the third roll.

A Player will get only one extra chance if they roll a six on the dice and also (a) oust another Players token or (b) if the Players token reaches home.

Ludo Supreme Gold App – Contact Support 

If Case Of Any Query You Can Contact Support Directly @ Just: [email protected]

Ludo Supreme Gold App FAQs

What happens to my entry fee if I skip my turn three times in a game?

Skipping three times in a game makes you leave the table. Your rank will be calculated based on the order in which you left the game and any awards applicable for that rank will be given to you.

What happens if I leave the game after it starts?

Your rank will be calculated based on the order in which you left the game and any awards applicable for that rank will be given to you.

What happens if I leave the game before it starts?

Playing Online: You can’t unregister a game. You can join the game before 3 chance skips and if you don’t you are made to leave the game and your rank will be calculated based on the order in which you leave the game. Playing with Friends: You get an instant refund if you leave the game before it starts. If you are the creator of the table, everyone who joined will be refunded their entry fee as well and the table will be cancelled.

I joined my friend’s table to Play with Friends, then my friend quit the game. What happens to my entry fee?

If the creator of the table leaves before the game starts -> everybody is refunded their entry fee. Once the game starts -> the game will go on. Does not matter who leaves in between.

I joined a table to Play with my Friends, if I quit the game before it starts will I get refunded the entry fee?

Yes, if you leave the game before it starts, you will be refunded your entry amount.

Can I use Bonus to join online tournaments and games with friends?

To join Online Tournaments, players can use upto 5% of the entry fee from Bonus money. There is no bonus entry in Play with Friends games.

Can I play many games at the same time?

No! Players may only play one game at a time. If you have registered for more than one game, you will not be assigned a seat on the 2nd table if the 2nd game starts while you were playing the first table. You will not be refunded for this either.

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