Chingari Short Video App Launched India’s First Social Network Token “GARI”

Chingari App GARI Token Launch Event

Chingari Short Video App Launched India’s First Social Network Token “GARI”

GARI Tokens, Chingari App Token, GARI Token Airdrop, GARI Token Launch Event, GARI Token Salman Khan, How To Buy GARI Token, GARI NFT, GARI Token Price, GARI Token Pre Sale – Hello Coolz Readers!! After TikTok Banned in India, there were many short videos apps are in Indian Market and Chingari Short Video App is one of them and many celebrities are using it nowadays. Chingari is A unique and fun short video app where you can create interesting videos and share them with the world.

Chingari App GARI Token Launch Event

Chingari to become first Indian social network to issue crypto tokens with a name of GARI Tokens. Salman khan is the Brand Ambassador of GARI Tokens and he was the First Indian Celebrity to took part in any crypto currency event in India. Chingari to become first Indian social network to issue crypto tokens named GARI Tokens in the November Month. Read out full post to know about GARI Token, GARI Token White List, GARI Tokens Pre Sale Details.

What Is Chingari App GARI Token? :

GARI Tokens is enabling short video app creators on India’s Most Popular Short Video App named Chingari App. Chingari App is going to monetize their content on the Solana Blockchain with the name of GARI Token. Chingari App is Empowering Short Video Content Creators On Chingari With Social Tokens.

Users are going to create their videos with the contents and Everytime users will create a video on Chingari App, Users will get rewarded with Gari Tokens. Users will able to Buy GARI Tokens officially in the month of November 2021. All these social video commerce transactions will be done using Gari Tokens in the future.

Many Brands are funding in GARI Tokens and one of them are Solana Capital, LD Capital, Long Term Ventures and Afton Capital and many more. Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Chingari Short Video App is Sumit Ghosh and he is happy to announce India’s First Social Media Related Crypto Currency in India named GARI Token.

Salman Khan At Launch Event Of GARI Tokens :

Chingari App launched India’s First Social Media Related Tokens Named GARI Tokens at a public event at Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai with the Hand of Salman Khan. So One of the biggest Bollywood Actor and Bahijaan, The Dabangg Khan aka Salman Khan is the brand ambassador of GARI Tokens.

Chingari App GARI Token Launch Event

Here is the Official Tweet of Salman Khan on Chingari App’s GARI Tokens. “I am officially launching Chingari’s in app GARI Tokens reward programme & its NFT Marketplace. You can buy my Video NFTs, exclusively on the GARI NFT Marketplace. Cheers to a new chapter in Content Creation & Monetisation!!! #ChingariKiGari #GariTokens”

How To Join GARI Token Whitelist Pre-Sale? :

1. Chingari Short Video App named GARI Tokens is Going to Start On November 2, 2021 as Public Sale.

2. You need to Join GARI Token Whitelist Program to Join Public Sale.

3. Visit Gari.Network to Join the Whitelist of GARI Tokens.

4. Go to Bottom of the Page and Tap on Get on The Whitelist Button.

Chingari App GARI Token Launch Event

5. Enter Your First and Last Name along with Gmail Address and Chingari Username.

6. Tap on Join Pre – Sale Button and you are all done to purchase GARI Tokens during Pre Sale Event.

7. Join Gari Tokens Discord Server For the Latest Updates on Gari Tokens Pre Sale.

How To Join GARI Tokens Airdrop? :

1. GARI Token is doing India’s Biggest Crypto Airdrop.

2. You Need To Join GARI Tokens Rewards Program.

3. There are Going to be Total 50 Million Prize Pool on this GARI Tokens Airdrop.

4. All the Participants who are going to join this Airdrop will Get 100 Gari Tokens.

5. More Details Regarding GARI Tokens Airdrop will be poste soon.

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